Bike Hire

Apart from a few Parks and Wildlife Service 4WDs, there are no cars on Maria Island, so it’s the perfect place to explore on two wheels. It’s OK to ride on the roads, vehicle tracks, and in some cases on open paddocks. Please do not ride on the walking tracks. Riding conditions vary and change quickly in bad weather, so come prepared and ride to your ability.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service have information about riding on Maria here.

These maps may also help when planning your route.

To reserve a bike please book via this website when you book your ticket to travel – at least 24 hours prior to your ferry departure. A limited number of bikes may be available to hire on the day of travel. Bikes can be collected (up to 3:15pm) from next to the penitentiary in Darlington, on Maria Island. Please return them to the same location. When you collect your bike you will receive a brief induction on operation of the bikes and undertake a short supervised ride to ensure your safety.

The bikes for hire are hard tail mountain bikes. They come in seven sizes to suit all riders from seven years and over – subject to availability. The adult bikes have a light alloy frame, 100mm suspension fork, hydraulic brakes, eight speed gears and trigger shifting. A helmet is supplied with your bike and must be worn when riding.

Riding tracks and roads on Maria Island vary in condition and change frequently. For safety reasons, back packs larger than 20 litres, or heavier than 7kg must not be worn when riding. Equipment must be contained within the pack, not strapped to the outer. Child seats are not to be fitted to the bikes. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Daily / Part thereof 2 or more days
Adult $33 $25 per day
Children’s $33 $25 per day